ESC has many facilities available for rent, from the four pavilions, and baseball quads to even a walking path.

For facility rentals, please get in touch with us.

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Pavilion rental at the Complex

Hold an outdoor gathering in one of our picnic pavilions for team parties, birthdays, graduations, or corporate events. Rentals are $75 for three hours of use or less or $100 for all-day use (8:00 am to sundown). For groups over 100 people, there is an additional charge of $50. Rental spaces include:

PAVILION A: picnic tables, restrooms, electricity, playground, ADA Accessible

LION'S CLUB PICNIC PAVILION: picnic tables and a large patio

PAVILION B: picnic tables, restrooms, electricity, ADA Accessible

PAVILION C: picnic tables, restrooms, electric, ADA Accessible

Use of the athletic fields can be added to any pavilion rental for $50.

Scroll down for our printable and our online rental guidelines and rental application.

1.  A reservation is required for use of the picnic areas. A separate application is required for each date requested. Once your pavilion rental has been confirmed by the Complex staff, the pavilion is yours to use on your rental date during your rental time. The Complex staff will post a reservation notice on the pavilion. Please bring a copy of your reservation form with you on the day of your event. If another party is using the pavilion when you arrive, please show them your reservation form. An attendant will be available to assist you.

2. You must be 18 years of age to reserve the pavilion. Responsible adult supervision must be provided at all times.

3. Carnival rides and other recreation equipment, such as moonwalks, trampolines, etc., arranged by the renter will be permitted only if the provider submits a certificate of liability insurance one week in advance showing sufficient liability and personal injury insurance.

4. Restrooms at the pavilion (if applicable) will be open and available for all pavilion rentals. Renters of the pavilion may NOT prohibit public use of the restrooms.

5. Alcohol policy: The consumption of alcoholic beverages of any kind is prohibited on the Edwardsburg Sports Complex property. Any infraction of this rule will result in immediate evacuation of the premises with no recourse.

6. Smoking policy: Smoking and other forms of tobacco use are not permitted anywhere in the Edwardsburg Sports Complex.

7. Thumbtacks, nails, or similar fasteners shall not be used on the pavilion or on picnic tables. Display or decoration materials are not to be fastened by any method that leaves marks or residue on walls, woodwork, or painted surfaces.

8. No person shall deface trees, shrubs, plants, signs, tables, or any other structures of complex property.

9. Open fires are not permitted at the Complex. Only LP (propane) gas grills are allowed, and grills should NOT be located near the pavilion structure, concrete walkways, or on the athletic fields.

10. Parking is permitted in designated areas only. Parking on the driveway, turf playing surfaces, or other vegetation is prohibited.


$75 for 3 hours of use or less, $100 for all-day use (8:00 am to sundown)

For groups over 100 people there is an additional charge of $50

A $100 refundable security deposit is required.

Pavilion rentals include only the picnic space and playground (if applicable). Field use can be added for an additional $50.

All rentals must be paid in full prior to rental date, or within 14 days after the reservation is placed – whichever date comes first. If payment is not received within this time frame, the reserved date will be released. Fees can be paid by cash, check, or credit card. Please make checks payable to “Edwardsburg Sports Complex.” No refunds will be made. In the event of extreme weather conditions, every effort will be made to reschedule your event.

By completing and submitting the form below, you are certifying that you are over the age of 18, have received a copy of the Pavilion Rental Agreement and hereby agree to comply with all Edwardsburg Sports Complex regulations and special conditions imposed in conjunction with the issuance of the rental agreement and certify that the information provided is correct and complete. The undersigned further understands that they are responsible for any damages to the facility or equipment and agrees to leave the facility in a clean and orderly fashion. Furthermore, the undersigned agrees to release and hold harmless the Edwardsburg Sports Complex, its employees, and agents, from any and all liability as a result of this event.

Baseball Quad rental

“Build it and they will come, “…Field of Dreams.
What used to be farm fields has been transformed into baseball/softball diamonds. The process has been very interesting and quite involved. First comes a lot of earth moving, grading, adding many layers of substructure, irrigation, electrical lines, and light bases. Next, it’s all leveled, and the work can begin above ground. Finally, the outfield grass can be planted and fertilized, and the infields get graded and top dressed. While that is happening the backstops, dugouts, and structures for protective netting, outfield fencing, and batting cages are being built.

To date, the out-field grass has grown in very well and infields are finished with adjustable bases and pitching mounds. The dugouts, backstop walls are built, and protective netting installed. The northwest field and warmup cages are all fenced in with the other three due for fencing this spring.

The field sizes are adjustable but the full length and description of each is;

Fields 1 &2: 300 feet down the center, skinned infields, five adjustable base pegs

Field 3: 335 feet down the center, 300 down the lines, skinned infields, five adjustable base pegs

Fields 4: 375 feet down the center, 300 down the lines, grass infield, 90 foot bases

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Running and Walking Trail

Walk your way to health.
While the Complex was built to serve youth sports, we want the whole family to take advantage of health and fitness opportunities here in Edwardsburg. Parents are encouraged to walk or run during their child's practice, and community members of all ages are invited to utilize the trail. Because the course is on a grass surface, some fitness is required. The course features a 1K, a 2K, and a 3K loop to allow for flexible walking distances. See the current layout below.

The walking/running trail is a maintained grass surface. The course designated by the red line to the right is a 5K length. When visiting the complex to use the trail, please note:

Parking is only allowed in designated parking areas. No parking along the driveway or on any grass or other vegetation.

Dogs are allowed on the walking trail only and must be kept on a leash no longer than six (6) feet long. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and must carry a device for clean-up. Dogs are not allowed during tournaments or major events.

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